October is a very busy month. October festivities and October fighting highlight our entry into this fall month. There are so many activities that one must select among the many. In addition, there is so much fighting that we must decide with whom we want to
align ourselves. Is it “good fighting” or not? Is it politics as usual, or are we fighting to uplift our neighborhood, city, state, and/or our nation? This myriad of activities often forces us to choose between the positive and the negative. Hopefully, our choices will lead to additional positive activities. These are challenging times, and we, as Christians, must rely on our faith in God’s Word to guide our decision-making. Weigh all options, and choose well.

First Baptist Lauderdale participated in the FAITH AND BLUE festival at Health Sciences Park. Our church partnered with other churches and nonprofits to celebrate our commitment to allowing faith to direct our future. Many young people felt comfortable interacting with law enforcement personnel - including uniformed officers - and witnessed the impact of partnerships. Every table featured both serious and fun activities and goodies. Participants also enjoyed the costumed characters who were generous with candy and hilarious antics. So much fun!

We are celebrating October in our city with a variety of festivities and activities. However, there are many locations around the world where there are no celebrations. Instead, there are wars and rumors of wars that devastate the peace and sanctity of life. As recently as a few days ago, Israel declared war after being brutally attacked by Hamas on multiple fronts. We are witnessing wars, earthquakes, weather upheavals, and other events that our Bible teaches us to precede the return of Jesus Christ. This is a time of sincere prayer for all

While many are investing in the prospect of winning the lottery, there is a much better chance of winning victory in the certainty of God’s grace. The future is not predicated on a wheel with numbers. The real promise of winning is based on the Word of God. Victory over all challenges and every foe is guaranteed to every believer. This October affords and offers us another opportunity to celebrate our victory in Jesus Christ.