Deacons & Trustees Wives

Leader: Mrs. Rhonda White

A Deacon's wife role in the church is light in comparison to her husband's role. The women do participate in Communion and Baptism. It is the women who set up the trays Communion. Maintain the robe during baptism etc. A deacon's wife is supposed to encourage their husbands by keeping them lifted in prayer, and help them with their duties. As women, They have to be spiritually equipped to minister and pray for others. There are some things that a deacon may have their wife do, such as minister to other women. Basically, be one who encourages others to grow in the Word of God. Sometimes God may call on them to enter a spiritual mother role with a young lady, or they may need to physically step in and give a helping hand. But mainly, be in constant prayer of their husband because they are his "help mate". Stay in constant fellowship with other wives and learn from each other. Be a mentor to someone so that they can become spiritually mature and teach others.