December 2016  
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Today we sit in the last month of an eventful year. We are currently in the season of Advent, in which creation anticipates the coming of the Christ child. It is a season of new beginnings, when the expectancy of deliverance permeates the air. A Savior comes into a world in a most broken way, with the expressed purpose of reuniting lost and broken humanity back to God. Jesus therefore is the only hope and healing for our brokenness and despair. He is at the center of our most blessed joy this season.

Christmas, combined with Good Friday and Easter, is the most important day in history. From just a purely secular view, much of what the world is today has been shaped by this one event. It was an event with tremendous significance. Jesus Christ intersected humanity in order to give the world the Ultimate Gift—reconciliation and relationship with God. The arrival of the Christ child in the midst of humanity also signaled the beginning of true hope for the world. This is a hope that rests securely in Jesus Christ and His redemption of flawed human beings.

I pray that in this season our focus won’t be on temporary trinkets but on the gift that never runs out. Remember the one who has kept the promise of continual presence, who has walked with you through the ‘valley of the shadow of death’, who has kept you so the fires of life have not burned you up. And remember that even after the festivities of this season, He will bless, keep and sustain you in the midst of life’s journey.

We now prepare for our march into 2017, a little less than thirty days away. By the end of this month we will sit at the dawn of a new year pregnant with potential and possibilities. God has created life to move in forward motion. The movement of Advent through Christmas, to Lent, Good Friday and Easter shows how our Christian journey is anchored in the finite reality of time. Let us then ‘redeem the time’, and prepare now to live in all fullness for the Lord as we move through this season.


Peace and Blessings,


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