September is such a memory-filled month with so many activities from the past and those being made in the present time. It is the second month of regular school attendance and serious studying. September is also the time to exhibit sportsmanship at all levels of competition. Football, soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, and the list goes on beyond just sports. There are also other activities, including, but not limited to family and school reunions, seminars, luncheons, and concerts. Indeed, the availability of so many festivals and celebrations makes it difficult to choose which one to attend.

September is a transitional month with several pivotal events. Summer comes to an end, and Labor Day becomes a holiday that marks the beginning of fall. The current weather changes portend a new record-breaking summer. Many things appear that have not appeared before. This is a month of surprising changes that also show us the representations of familiar characters. We cannot miss the old, but we must observe the new. This September is more different than usual. Are we different because of it?

September has ushered in a new strain of CORONAVIRUS, new challenges in the political landscape, and paradigm shifts in how we do church. These are fresh challenges to old circumstances. We are in the spiral of uncertainty and the circle of redundancy. The only thing that is dependable is Faith in God. Our only true hope is in Jesus who is a changeless reliance in a changing world. Our hope is built on nothing less.

We welcome September because it reminds us of our many options for numerous choices that offer both confirmation and congratulations. Our survival confirms God’s promise to never forsake or leave us. Our standing strong after many upheavals gives consolation and comfort to those of us who are called by His name. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is with us and within us through the presence of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit speaks, and we should welcome the Holy Spirit in the month of September and always. We welcome September and yield to the power of the Holy Spirit. God is still our refuge and strength in trying situations.