November is the month we celebrate Veterans and Thanksgiving. This is usually a time
of happy memories and gratefulness. This year has added the ugliness of war in Israel
and Gaza. Ukraine is continuing to fight for freedom with no resolution and now we
are adding more destruction. November this year has become a time we prefer not to
remember. We long for the good old days.

November is when we fall back for Daylight Saving Time and fall outside to handle the
falling leaves. The time change is trying to keep in step with the seasonal change.
Darkness arrives earlier in November and the effort to extend the light of day is why
we have Daylight Savings Time. It is noteworthy that man must adjust to God’s
schedule and not the other way around. If this universal reality can be remembered,
maybe this world can be better than it is now. The change should be colorful.

November is a month to honor our veterans. The men and women of our military are
spread across the globe fighting for our nation and assuring our freedom. They should
enjoy the benefits of a grateful nation. Veterans Day should remind us of soldiers
engaged in warfare all over the world. The electronic media brings the horrors of war
to our vision. The atrocities are numbing reminders to pray for peace. The Political
leadership plays an important role in the struggle for peace. Decisions to fund and fight
are within the responsibilities of elected officials. The decision to rest in the peace of
God is an individual one.

Be thankful for all we can enjoy and share at home. Thank our Savior for the
benevolent benefits of November. Pray for your family. Pray for your friends.