Wow, the beginning of an end. We are close to the end of another year. Even more importantly, we have begun to celebrate the Christmas holidays in recognition of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is a welcomed month after all the things we have been through. The economy is challenging our usual shopping patterns, and the threat of COVID-19 is not in full retreat. Welcome December, we need all that you give us to see the hope that this season brings. The food, the festivities, the time spent with loved ones, and the gifts- do not forget the gifts as we follow the examples set by the Three Wise Men.

This December finds us mourning the loss of loved ones at First Baptist Lauderdale. We are also seeking the next pastor. When we compare the losses in one column to the gains in another, we are counting our blessings. The benevolent hand of God has manifested His wisdom and power once again. We can give and serve others because we receive so much from Christ. Yes, we mourn, but we also manage our resources to magnify the love of Jesus towards us. Despite and because of all that we have and are enduring,  December. is still a very welcome month because of God’s gift to all humanity. 

I am proud that First Baptist Lauderdale can continue to offer much to the community. I am happy to see and say that much can be accomplished with just a faithful few. We count our losses, but we count our blessings. even more. The biggest and most enduring count is that we count on each other as others count on us. We count on our limitless God to make miraculous achievements with our limited resources. December is indeed a great month to celebrate and count blessings. 

This month of December has already provided opportunities to display love, sacrifice, and service. The kitchen has been busy serving meals. Our youth are preparing a Christmas drama. Our music staff is preparing for our upcoming concert. The month of giving is living up to many expectations. ‘Activities galore make Christmas no bore’.

Happy Holidays!!! Merry Christmas!!!