A Word From Our Pastor. July is arriving with a bang! The expected fireworks for the Fourth of July should help with this traditional celebration. Other events are also taking place this month, as many families plan their reunions around the holiday. First Baptist Church, Lauderdale, has planned a trip to Alabama for participants in the Extreme Bible Study and others. July is welcomed by more than the fireworks from salespeople. July reminds us that the freedom Americans enjoy, should be not taken for granted. We should be proud to be Americans. We should be grateful to be Christians. The freedom in our country should be appreciated and celebrated. The freedom we have in Jesus is more important. It is commendable that we are experiencing the freedom not available a few years ago. We can assemble in church buildings and eat inside restaurants. Children are back inside the schools with teachers and students. The gatherings in the churches allow Christians to exercise their religious faith practices. This freedom is precious when we remember the absence of it; just a little while ago. Let’s celebrate all activities, achievements, and accomplishments that July offers. Please let freedom ring in your heart and soul. Let freedom ring in your religious experience. Thank God for our freedom from sin and slavery. Thank Jesus for our freedom to worship and work. Worship in the church and work in the community. Enjoy Jesus in July!