August has arrived with numerous unprecedented occurrences. There are many reasons to think sincerely about things happening on a global scale. We attribute historical weather upheavals to global warming. Is it possible that this phenomenon is a Godly warning?
There is so much turbulence in our universe that it calls attention to everything happening in our own front yard. Divisive debates in the political arena are leading up to the explosive elections.
Unprecedented heat waves and weather upheavals can be correlated to the decisions made by governments to relinquish land in Israel. Are there Biblical explanations for these events?
We are living in unprecedented times. There are devastating effects everywhere.
America seems to have no protections left that were enjoyed in the past. The churches seem to have lost their appeal. The hope we had is hiding and the truth we need is buried. Let’s pray for revival in August for America.
We are in dire need of radical changes. The guns need to be silenced. The church needs to cease being silent. The violence on our streets needs to be replaced with victories in our sanctuaries. The youth need the church and the church needs the youth and we are working in that direction.

Our nation has turned from God and God has turned from our nation. August affords us the opportunity for redemptive change. Let us pray, prepare, and pursue revival. Our only hope, it seems, is in revival.

May the heat of August cause us to fan the flames of revival.
God help us!!!